Chocolate eclair recipe


+For the special choux pastry

°210g water

°90g butter

°20 g milk powder

°4g sugar

°3g salt

°125 g sifted T55 flour

°210 g beaten egg (~ 4 eggs about)

°Chocolate pastry cream

°50g whole milk

°3 egg yolks

°20g sugar

°17 g cream powder (= Maizena, see T55 flour if you don’t have any Maizena)

° 90 g of quality dark chocolate (Cacao Barry Mexico 66%, Cacao Barry Santo Domingo 70%, Cacao Barry Alto Del Sol 65%, Cacao Barry Inaya 65%…)

+Frosting for chocolate éclairs

°250 g of white fondant

°25 g glucose syrup

°20 to 30 g of cocoa powder

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